Khôl des 1.001 Nuits – The Blue Hour



Its loose powder formula is charged with ultra-intense pigments for a clean long lasting application.

KHOL DES 1.001 NUITS is rich and intense like the ancient formulas, just using the latest and safest pigment technology.

Unique and fresh, The Blue Hour by Khôl des 1.001 Nuits provides a deep overseas blue to your look.


You will need a Khôl brush (it is a lot harder than the conventional Eyeshadow brushes).

  1. Always do your eye make-up BEFORE applying the foundation, this way you can easily clean any eventual mess.
  2. Apply the Khôl as close to your lashes as possible, if you want to draw a thin line. If you prefer a thicker line, just remember to fill it in (never leave any space between the lashes and the Khôl line).
  3. When applying the Khôl, hold the brush firmly, in order to make a regular and even line.